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Saundarya – Everyday Make-up Tips – Mind Body Soul. The pollution and stress in today’s hectic lifestyle affects ones skin and hair. In this episode of ‘Saundarya’, beauty expert and host Rachana Sharma has Jeet, as her model. Rachana teaches her the basics of putting on an everyday make-up. Rachana also gives away tips of how to apply make-up based on one’s skin type. Tips on beauty and personality enhancement are the need of the day in today’s urban lifestyle. Beautician Rachana Sharma helps women to enhance their looks through different styles of make-up, hairstyles and so on. Rachana Sharma, with her in-depth knowledge in the field of beauty, gives away handy beauty tips to the viewers even as she is busy doing the make-up or hairstyle on her model. Follow her beauty tips when you want to rush for a party and don’t know what to do to your face and hair! Log on to watch more beauty, health & Yoga tips.
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25 Responses to “Saundarya – Everyday Make-up Tips – Mind Body Soul”

  1. 84NISHANTH says:

    hi Rachana very nice video on how to apply foundation, you said and used yellow base so how and whre can i buy that yellow base foundation please could you tell me ,,, really you have done a great job i also have dark or you can say dark brown wat i shud ask the name of the products and where to buy wat are the names like brand please tell me ,,,,bittu

  2. 84NISHANTH says:

    hi Rachana very nice video on how to apply foundation, you said and used yellow base so how and whre can i buy that yellow base foundation please could you tell me

  3. FunmobileSmarts says:

    Thank you for the insturctional videos

  4. jceewa says:

    hi if u could write all the product real names that would be very helpful to buy products from the market as i never done make up in my life ..just want to give it a go this time..if u could please mention the product names and color tone for the dark skin that would be more helpful u really done a great job ..i do use loreal products and maybelline products …thanks ..looking forward to your reply

  5. rabia846 says:

    the girl is beautiful

  6. 2betterworld says:

    @Tamana487 Water :-)

  7. Tamana487 says:

    But what is that spray?

  8. yashiv23 says:

    A big thanks to all yr team + above all a special thanks to the beautician & Geet. Many beautician come with a pimpleless & dagless model. All the questions are well answered by Rachna. Both person are positive. Keep it on Geet & Rachna. this is a true make up tuitorial, kuch nahi chupaya hai.Have a happy new year to all yr team. KEEP IT ON. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

  9. laylasana says:

    Feel sorry for the poor woman- love fernando in the background tho

  10. laylasana says:

    The poor lady!

  11. nunu1081 says:


  12. Nyla301 says:

    Ok a lot of you dont understand it,chill out its in a different LANGUAGE,why u acting like shes from a different planet,i dont understand it too,but im not goin to diss it.

  13. farid20101 says:


  14. ShareenaRich says:

    @CitizenKatie For them, a fairer skin means beautiful. If you see most of Bollywood stars, they have fairer skins. I’m not sure about being more western but there’s a documentary about why they want fairer skins and it is because fairer skins can also mean status for them. Darker skins means they are working outside the house and most probably poor people and fairer skins means they are rich and doesn’t go out that much..

  15. zairt says:

    @mrcatsareamazing i agree….her hairstyles vids are quite good though!

  16. XenGwen says:

    @ummesawdah It’s not really uncommon with dark-skinned people, from what I’ve seen.

  17. mrcatsareamazing says:

    damn she put a crap load of foundation on

  18. mrcatsareamazing says:

    this is all i heard:
    jiohurheniuhhv iuehviuhe iuedhv ohvodhvohq
    yes because im very fluent in gibberish.

  19. ummesawdah says:

    why are the whites of her eyes very dark?

  20. ImBarelyHangingOn says:


  21. CitizenKatie says:

    i think its sad that they lighten her up so much, to make her more western??

  22. miniMagii says:

    @PinkQueen94 If I’m not mistaken… this is Hindi :)

  23. PinkQueen94 says:

    wtf is this lenguage

  24. ugforthewin says:


  25. mrssarahashcroft says:

    her make up looks amazing afterwards!

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