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How do you apply makeup with peach fuzz all over you face?

Question by Duhhitsmaddy: How do you apply makeup with peach fuzz all over you face?
Every women has peach fuzz on there face right? Like those little hairs, that you can’t see unless you put makeup on. Well I have acne and those god awful acne scars, and I want to know what do with those hairs. Do I put on hair remover on my face, do I shave it? What do I do? Can you tell me a helpful way to put on the makeup so you can’t see them? I am so frustrated and I need help.

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Answer by Elizabeth Williams
shaving can be harsh on your skin, I would look into getting it waxed or even laser hair removal, all though they can be spendy, its worth it.

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One Response to “How do you apply makeup with peach fuzz all over you face?”

  1. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Pixie.¸ღ says:

    Im with you on the acne & the scars, it sucks. What really makes the peach fuzz visible is the powder you put on after foundation to seal it, but without powder your foundation wont stay on for very long.
    You can try a facial hair removing cream, but it most likely will irritate your skin & could cause further breakouts.
    Waxing is another option, and lazar hair removal if you’re really wanting to get rid of it all though it is expensive.
    For now I wouldnt worry about the peach fuzz, no body really notices it but you, no worries.
    Good luck<3

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